Globes and Wiggles

It’s 1.15 am and I can’t go to bed because the 67th Golden Globes Awards Ceremony is live on TV. I am pigging out on botox and cleveage and teeth bleach.

My Irish mother gene makes me want to scream at Mariah Carey “Keep your chest warm!” Her dress has got to be on back to front, right ?

Nicole Kidman has taken to wearing vintage Austrian blinds in toilet roll colours to awards, but her husband Keith Urban looked very dishy and sober and adoring – so good for her.

Jeremy Irons is dry as dust and if there was a special award for being an up yourself ageing lothario it would be his in perpetuity. Ralph Fiennes can be his deputy.

The question I most want to be asked in the coming week is “Who are you wearing?”  I plan to reply ‘Robert Dyas’ or ‘William Hill’ because I have gleaned from the red carpet interviews that it’s not what you say but the WIGGLE that goes with the answer that counts.

8 comments to Globes and Wiggles

  • Julie Pereira

    I’d love someone to respond with Primark or M&S and am going to ask everyone what they’re wearing this week. It must take days to get ready to walk the carpet. I’d love to go to the Oscars with George Clooney so if any readers have his number can they please reply. If it happens I will also need the numbers of a dietician, nutritionist, dentist, make up artist, colourist, hairdresser,dresser, taylor, manicurist, podiatrist, masseuse, driver and and of course a Hollywood cat-sitter as they’ll have to come too.

  • Anna May

    Julie, you forgot a therapist and colonic irrigationist.
    Anna May x

  • I’m almost certain that your DNA make up is part vampire!!! You’re virtually a nocturnal creature who shuns daylight and this episode stacks the evidence for me. I agree that Mariah looked like she was fit to burst and Nicole should avoid that sickly shade of peach, apricot, yellow…..? By the way , I’m writing this whilst stringing garlic.

  • Maybe the colonic irrigation is the reason for the wiggle.

  • Anna May

    Hahaha Fran, there’s a thought!
    Anna May x

  • Anna May

    Moya, me a vampire ? BLOODY ridiculous.
    Anna May x

  • Julie Victoria

    Technically challenged here but I found your blog! Hurray! I was telling Wyn about your Hairmiles story and he told me of Arsenal’s Andrei Arshavin who flies his hairdresser from Moscow. I wasn’t sure if it counted but it reminded me to seek out your blog. It’s great and I love the pink.

  • Hello Julie,
    Welcome ! I’m glad to know that hair lunacy isn’t just for gals !
    Anna May x