Stars at Night

I can’t be sure if I was hallucinating because it was 5am and I’d been awake for 22 hours but was Whoopi Goldberg wearing an animal print car blanket at the Oscars ? Miley Cyrus was parading in a dress that was layered up like roof tiles and Sarah Jessica Parker was dressed like the fairy off the top of the Christmas tree.

Goldie Hawn looked like she’s stuck her face into a vat of superglue, or did my skybox freeze frame for the few minutes she was on air ?

I’m paralysed with exhaustion after staying up all night to watch (I know I’m a sad addict) but I’m off to Asda now to buy two honeydew melons so I can practice being Sophia Loren. I’m going to tousle my hair and put my hand on my hips so that they look curvy not cumbersome and pout. That woman has the sort of cleveage you can put your lipgloss, tissues and car keys in but still have to rummage for them.

Well done hatie Katie for winning the Oscar and emoting so magnificently and breathlessly and boohoo Mickey Rourke’s still a sinner not a winner in Hollywood’s redemption league.

And later it’s a quick nap to so I’m fully refreshed for the highlights, Sky 1 at 10pm.

4 comments to Stars at Night

  • Julie Pereira

    I want to wear Anne Hathaway’s dress and Freida Pinto’s earrings and have George Clooney on my arm. I’m staying up for the highlights so I can see Waity Katie’s full breathy speech (she sounded like she needed an inhaler). I also love the shots of the losers immediately after they lose when they stare ahead with a fixed stare – so much fun! As for Fearne Cotton “on the carpet” – I could have done better in my PJ’s and slippers on my hall carpet talking to my cat.

  • Anna May

    Fearne Cotton Wool Between the Ears is turn off TV for me. All the big stars walked past her while she had her back turned and was talking about herself, her dress, her jewellery, her tattoos, to camera.

    I think the BBC should hold open auditions for her replacement and film them, reality style, and then it would be official that any girl of the street could do a better job than phoney Fern.

    Anna May x

  • Debbie

    I know I’m a bit too late to add bits seeing as the Oscars were a week ago but here goes….

    Julie & I had great fun comparing all the frocks 🙂 I think Whoppi Goldberg may need to tone down the “mother nature” look because that much leopard print could confuse any animal (domestic or wild!).

    As for Fearny-too-much-eyeshaddow-Cotton, well, I guess that says it all….

  • admin

    It’s never too late Debbie, to stay up and watch them or talk about them. Fearne had a bad case of pink eye on the night, didn’t she ? Anna May x