Snow Go

My husband, a teacher,  has been on his knees all weekend summoning snow so that his school would have to shut down and he could have a free day off to walk the dog and play his tin whistle.

It was getting to the point where if it didn’t snow he would have needed a day off  anyway because of  his sore knees.  But hurrah! we got a dump of snow and, yes, he got his day off . He’s been playing celebratory jigs on his tin whistle all day, and now he’s annoying me because he is unsquashably happy.

I’m pleased with the snow because it  did a good job of  cleaning the dog’s underbelly and now he doesn’t look like a chocolate dipped collie any more.

I walked, make that slid, past a local primary school today that had a massive hand painted board outside that declared  “CLOSED ALL DAY DEW TO WHETHER”.

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