Grave Thoughts

I made it into the Independent newspaper his week with an article about the hows and whys of body donation to medical science. Here’s the link 

The piece was inspired by my husband declaring that should he die first he wanted me to arrange a Viking Longboat funeral for him. As the Grand Union Canal is our nearest stretch of water I considered a Viking burial was a final request too far, so I thought when and if the time came I’d surprise him by donating his body to medical science instead.

That banter, and the fact that my medical student daughters have frequently said that they learn a lot more from the dead patients that the live ones got me pondering on this delicate subject.

Read the article and consider should you, could you donate ?

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  • Congrats Anna May, on the article.
    My Da is donating his body and my Ma, who hates fuss, keeps muttering: ‘There’ll be no funeral. You needn’t come up from Galway.’ (To Dublin. When he dies.) He’s not even sick!

  • admin

    Hello Nuala,

    hahaha, in our house when my mum said “I don’t want any fuss” it meant the complete opposite, and god help anyone who didn’t make ENOUGH fuss……

    Anna May x