Take a Gander….

A friend told me today that she watched a quiz programme where the compere asked the contestant “What was Gandi’s first name? ‘ and quick as a flash came the reply “Goosey Goosey”.

That there is the reason why I have sent off forms to be on ‘Deal or No Deal’, the game show where […]

Hot Fluff

Holy Smoke ! The universe must have read yesterday’s blog because today I actually did have a fire in the house. I called my husband at work to tell him – this was at 11am – and he told me not to worry he’d be home by 9pm at the latest. My hero.

So I […]

Mind Over Matter

My husband got a package wrapped in brown paper through the post. The Open University have sent him the material for his next study unit. This marks the beginning of the sullen season which runs until the end of October.

Once in OU Mode the man cannot be interrupted unless and until the house is […]

Speech Less

Hatey Katie Winsit has done it again. I was watching Sky News when they announced she’d won the screenwriters guild award for best supporting actress.

As she climbed to the podium for her thankyou speech I had one leg hooked over the back of the sofa ready to go into hiding when she said, […]

Love is Magic

I was in bed last night reading the BBC book Britains favourite poems and I came across these lines from W.B Yeat’s poem When You Are Old,

‘But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you

And loved the sorrows […]

A Chunderful Film

I’m still in big screen mode because I went to see The Wrestler yesterday. And it made me sick. Sick as in vom.

It wasn’t the blood and guts in the movie, the tight green lycra or Mickey Rourke’s roots that triggered it. It wasn’t the double scoop of banana chocolate chip and walnut ice […]

Sweet Seat

Ooops. Booked 2 tickets for my husband and daughter to see Slumdog Millionaire at the lovely comfy Tricycle cinema, and I requested the sofa seats in the back row. I remember seeing them the last time I visited and thought they’d be lovely and comfy with relaxing extra space for leg stretching, and nice and […]

On a Wing and a Prayer

It’s 2am in the morning and I am too wired to sleep thinking about the plane that took a dive into the Hudson river. Inaugurate the pilot Captain Chesley Sullenburg the third, never mind Obama.

As a scaredy baby flier I have only recently started to travel by air again, after two decades of hiding […]

Kate Winsit

Yes she’s a brilliant actress but when she’s playing herself Kate Winslet makes my ‘fake alert’ antennae wobble vigorously.

Watching her gush all over her Globes last night and generally behave like she’s just saved the entire planet from an imminent wipe-out meteor strike I felt a) uncharitable, b) unpatriotic and c) insulted by all […]

Jim Jam Genius

I need to start working the night shift and pack in the day job. I climb into my jim jams and my mind springs into life just as my ass hits the bed springs.

I start with my Booker Prize winning novel. I rearrange the entire work and finish it with a fabulous flourish […]