Posh Heels

For the first time in yonks, because I had a very important occasion today, I climbed into high heels.

After 7 hours of wobble I have just levered them off and my trotters are angry. The balls of my feet feel like they have been sandpapered by the world’s strongest man.

By way of an […]

Yellow and Orange and Itching

This weekend:

I heard on the radio that if you feed a canary red pepper it will turn orange. This could be big and very good news for the cast of The Only Way is Essex.

I saw Hannah on The Voice last night. The poor girl did some gruesome bumping and grinding as she […]

Harper’s Bizarre Mum

Why is Victoria Beckham, who could afford a gold plated buggy, staggering around New York on bonk-me silly shoes with daughter Harper clucthed to her chest? And where is her regulation Mum bag stuffed to busting with nappies, cream, wipes, nappy bags, bottles of milk, bottles of water, breast pump, change of designer dress and […]

Tiaras, Tears and Reindeer Hats

Catherine Middleton is no commoner. Compared to the actual blue bloods on parade at Westminster Abbey today she had more poise, dignity and modesty than any of them. Her dress was divine, her Mum was a super heroine to keep her composure and her oh-so-proud Dad was adorable.

And talking of commoners. Commonest was plus […]