Last night I was on BBC Radio 5 Live defending a man’s right to wear pyjamas. Guy Ritchie is apparently guilty of a crime against good taste because he was photographed on his doorstep in jim jams earlier this week. He was waving off his gorgeous new girlfriend at the time. She is umpteen years […]

Taxis and Truants

The cab driver who turned up to to take me to the BBC Radio 5 Live Studio tonight opened the car door for me, helped me diddle with the seat belt and called me a very pretty lady. He undid all his good work in a stroke by saying I reminded him very much of […]

Purple Peaches and Denim

Last night I refused to play ball with Tony Livesey on his Radio 5 Live Show. He was trying to compile a list of things that the over forties shouldn’t wear. Of course, it was actually about what women over forty shouldn’t wear, and I kept insisting they can wear anything they want to.

Jeans, […]

Grandparents – Treasures or Terrors?

My four children have perfect teeth, 4 x 32 = 128.

That’s 128 reasons to love my mum, their grandmother, right there. She would line the four of them up, or prop them against something if they were too young to stand, and count to one hundred all the time eyeballing them to make sure […]