Tesco and Tickles

Lawdy. I have just called the customer service number for Tesco Car Insurance and got the usual automated reply.

Only it wasn’t usual at all. The woman in the recording sounded so jolly it was like she’d just sucked in a alotalot of laughing gas and someone was tickling her as she read her […]

Motor Mouth

“I have to get to Tesco!” That’s what a disabled driver shouted after knocking down an elderly couple with her mobility scooter.

Every little loony helps.

Back Seat Boo Boo

Yesterday we took a divide and conquer approach to our shopping. I did the supermarket sweep and my husband did the garden centre. He promised he’d be waiting for me in Tesco’s car park when I was done. What that actually means is that he would be parked in the space furthest away from […]