Strictly Glum Dancing

First things first – Tess Greyly has developed a really irritating habit of repeating, in the style of Les Dawson, what the judges have to say to the cooples. Write her some lines of her own, somebody please.

Meanwhile, on the dance floor it was a moody and not at all magnificent night.

Tis a […]

Strictly Popcorn

I do love a good theme and Cinema Week was just the ticket:

Daisy Whowe’s quickstep was , er, I can’t remember. But I know she smiled a lot.

I get it, I get it – Anastacia is brave and is battling on.

Danny did a Mac-nificent Paso. Oti got the dress dud of the […]

Strictly Speaking Frankie and Pixie are not Amateurs

It was a Saturday night when Pixie and Frankie turned pro and Judy Murray did a Charleston that might not have been ‘oarsome’ but it was great fun.

Read all about it by Viennese Waltzing this way :

Grumpy, Snappy, Moany and Groany

Did the Strictly judges find out they were getting a pay cut just before tonight’s show? They were proper sour, the lot of them.

Last week they were chucking tens about and this week they gave the contestants a collective slap in the spray tanned chops.

Susanna was called ‘mumsy’ by Craig. She’s got three […]

Ballroom Bliss

I’m back!

But much better news is that Strictly is back. And what a feast it was – no cheese required tonight. It’s pure cruelty that we have to wait three weeks to clap eyes on them all again.

First impressions are:

Abbey Clancy hearts Abbey Clancy

Deborah Meaden doesn’t know what embarrassment is

James […]

Strictly’s Coming……..

I wish you all a belated happy summer – I am switching my brain off for a few weeks and will be back in September for more chats.

I plan to spend a couple of weeks lolling around eating cherries and doing a lot of thinking about:

Baby pandas – as they are possibly the […]

Strictly Yah-haha and Boo

So Sid Owen got ghostbusted good and proper for not be able to dance very well on Saturday’s Strictly. Sadly Sid’s bottom lip moved faster and better than his legs ever did. He perfected the art of setting a drunken walk home from the pub to music but there are no marks from the judges […]

Strictly ChaChaChaCheese

I predict this year’s Strictly will be the most competitive ever. There’s glamour, and dancing and LOTS of advice from Darcey, ya? Be sure to tune in next week for Darcey’s steer on car insurance and interest rates as well as the ChaChaCha or should that be the YaYaYa?

The standouts for me were Lisa […]

Strictly Carrots

I don’t know whether to celebrate or sulk – Strictly is back – but for one week only 🙁

The BBC dangled the sequinned carrot in front of my wet nose, and then they cruelly whipped it away……

Where should I start? Let’s go with Darcy Bussell. In her dance with Ian Waite the camerawork […]

A Sofa Swingathon

So Christalex Bleakjones is out, the woman deserved a consolation trophy for putting up with bigbrat James Jordan. I wonder which One Show presenter will be strutting her stuff on Strictly 2012?

I think Holly has cement running through her veins, how else could she look so gorgeous and yet dance like a lumberjack? I […]