Not a Good Wife Life

I am looooovvving the latest series of The Good Wife’. Julianna Marguiles who plays corporate lawyer Alicia Florrick gives such great suit. Her offices are

It makes me realise just what I am missing by working here at home. My sofa is my office chair and a chintzy cushion that I use to rest […]

Horlicks and Statuettes

Oscars 2011 – what was good about it?

Oprah presenting an award in a gorgeous black and grey dress that worked her bosom/waist ratio to perfection.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban together in the front row, they are so SWEET. They make me feel all blushy shy just gawping at them.

Batty posh Helena Bonham […]

Take It Lying Down

I wore several different tops today. A floral chifffon number, a hungarian folk dancing inspired black and white sensation, a scoop neck jersey jobby with sequin bugle beads around the neck and a symphony in cerise silk with frills. There were more but I don’t want to give full details of my Spring/Summer collection just […]

Sky High

Two men came to my house today and turned me on, and about time too.

My Sky TV blew up ten days ago and I have been ‘without functionality’ since. This meant that a programme that lasted an hour actually took an hour to watch – I was without recording or fast forwarding or pausing […]

Won’t Tell Lulu

I am in a complaining mood for the following reasons:

1. My husband has lost two stone in weight and is now making me look fatter than I am. Plus he watches me every time I eat a Galaxy Caramel Egg and is impairing my enjoyment of sucking out the centre. No-one mention Jack Sprat […]