‘Before I Go to Sleep’ the film – Forget It !

Last night I went to the cinema to see ‘Before I Go to Sleep’ and was shocked by just what a bad fringe, bad coat loada hokum film it is.

I won’t do any spoilers; lets just say us cinema goers were spoilt with snort-fest moments. My favourite is when Nicole Kidman gets chased down […]

Horlicks and Statuettes

Oscars 2011 – what was good about it?

Oprah presenting an award in a gorgeous black and grey dress that worked her bosom/waist ratio to perfection.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban together in the front row, they are so SWEET. They make me feel all blushy shy just gawping at them.

Batty posh Helena Bonham […]

Cheryl, Mantyhose and Spooky Rabbits

I’m on the gallop today so here is a four in one blog to catch up from last week….

Cheryl Cole – after the coitius vomitus interruptus incident – when adulterous Ashley paused on the job to puke on the bedside rug before carrying on to score with another woman – why did Cheryl ever […]

Snap Unhappy

My husband’s laptop is the keeper of family photographs so when I was asked for one this week by my publisher – I asked him to email me a few to choose from.

It was taking a long time – with him this means he’s asleep or watching Braveheart again – OR that there is […]

Globes and Wiggles

It’s 1.15 am and I can’t go to bed because the 67th Golden Globes Awards Ceremony is live on TV. I am pigging out on botox and cleveage and teeth bleach.

My Irish mother gene makes me want to scream at Mariah Carey “Keep your chest warm!” Her dress has got to be on back […]