Strictly Lift Off

Beefy Ben Cohen kicked off the second part of Strictly 2013 and as I only watched the muscles in his arms during his dance I will pass on him.

Fiona Fullerton got her legs in a plait and pouted well to the music but I doubt Anton will dance in December (yet again) this year


It was Complicated……


Hurrah! I am halfway back and getting better every day.

Nothing went according to plan. My complications developed complications. I’ve been in the back of an ambulance for the first time in my life and I have discovered the highs and highs of very strong painkilling drugs.

I am humbled by the job that […]

Skates and Fleas and Witches

Between Christmas and New Year we had our annual family excursion to Somerset House Ice Rink and the theatre. This year we bought tickets for ‘A Flea in Her Ear’ at the Old Vic which was SO bad it gave me A Bug Up My Ass as the tickets at £30 apiece times twelve of […]

Designer Gowns on the NHS

Top fashionista Ben de Lisi who has created frights, oops that would be frocks, for Helena Bonham Carter has been commissioned to design a new generation of hospital gowns for NHS patients.

Helena with her electric shock style hair, pale skin and panda eyes is the perfect NHS muse for an outfit to wear […]

I Want to Bleed Alone

I had an NHS blood test today in a leading London teaching hospital . The wait was long but I kept myself amused by terrorising other patients with my eyebrows. This was to make it clear that I was Number 86 and not one to be queue jumped without dire consequences. Number 52 was flashing […]