Strictly Lift Off

Beefy Ben Cohen kicked off the second part of Strictly 2013 and as I only watched the muscles in his arms during his dance I will pass on him.

Fiona Fullerton got her legs in a plait and pouted well to the music but I doubt Anton will dance in December (yet again) this year


Hot Like Me

These days and nights I am a furnace on legs and terrified that I might spontaneously combust. I am smoking hot, and not in a good way.

Last night I lay on top of the bedcovers beneath a window flung wide open. I was wearing my freshly washed birthday suit and steam was rising gently […]

Basque(t) Case

Mad Donna is 52 and menopausal.

I know this much for sure by looking at her latest promo pictures where she has sunglasses on indoors (Confusion – symptom number one) and is wearing no skirt or trousers outdoors (Forgetfulness – symptom number …er I can’t remember) and she’s obviously mixed up looking hot at […]

Rubber Bands and Sweaty Corgis

It was the sweat patches on his training t shirt that made me vote for Chris on last night’s Strictly.

He’s not hunky, but the little bloke is giving a very silly competition his all. So I confess I momentarily forgot he looks like a clog dancing corgi and dialled the number. I’m at the […]