Very Super

I bumped into an old school gate frenemy at the supermarket yesterday. If you want training in how to be a bitch extraordinaire, hers is the number you need.

“I am SO sorry about your book” she smiled but not with her eyes.

Baffled I asked her what she meant.

She put her hand on […]

Bluebottles and Blockbusters

I did a book signing of ‘Me and Mine’ today and was surprised that three members of the public came especially to ask my advice about getting their book published. I did point out that as it took me thirty years to get a publishing deal I hardly count as an expert.

One insistent and […]

Where Have You Been ?

Writing a memoir (Me and Mine published by Virago in March 2011) has been big fun for me, but not my family who have heard nothing but “Do it yourself” from me for months on end. They did as they were told and all peeled off and had summers of their own whilst I hugged […]

Take It Lying Down

I wore several different tops today. A floral chifffon number, a hungarian folk dancing inspired black and white sensation, a scoop neck jersey jobby with sequin bugle beads around the neck and a symphony in cerise silk with frills. There were more but I don’t want to give full details of my Spring/Summer collection just […]