Pressure Washers, Sparkly Capes and Labradors

Poor Magonna! Her backward dive at The Brits is precisely why I NEVER wear a sparkly hooded cape when I am dancing on the stairs. Er, make that hoovering the stairs. One good thing about her tumble is that she gave the world an opportunity to enjoy her ladygarden from a previously unseen angle. And […]

Cereal Girl


So I was pouring porridge into my saucepan this morning and I noticed the photo of the Quaker Oats bloke on the box, and it occurred to me I had seen him somewhere else this week.

He was the Grammys dressed as Madonna! And here is the evidence….



Madge and Her Vadge

Wearing cheese slice knickers and doing a tra-la! reveal of her camel toe is 54 year old Madonna’s rock’n’roll choice – here’s a woman with a pelvic floor of granite who clearly doesn’t have a pack of Tena Lady in her bathroom cupboard –

Me? I am all comfy in my bloomers.




Strictly Carrots

I don’t know whether to celebrate or sulk – Strictly is back – but for one week only 🙁

The BBC dangled the sequinned carrot in front of my wet nose, and then they cruelly whipped it away……

Where should I start? Let’s go with Darcy Bussell. In her dance with Ian Waite the camerawork […]

Basque(t) Case

Mad Donna is 52 and menopausal.

I know this much for sure by looking at her latest promo pictures where she has sunglasses on indoors (Confusion – symptom number one) and is wearing no skirt or trousers outdoors (Forgetfulness – symptom number …er I can’t remember) and she’s obviously mixed up looking hot at […]