Strictly Chocolate and Giant Jellies

Lisa Reilly said with feeling on tonight’s Strictly that fat women have the right to dance. They do. They do. But they don’t have the right to get to the final of a dancing competition if they aren’t as good as the other contestants. Which is why, although I love Lisa’s fizz, it must be […]

Strictly Sat There!

I was in the audience on Saturday night! And it was bliss. I didn’t want to go home and would cheerily have stayed right there in my chair until the series ends in December. I tried to stage a one fan Strictly sit-in, but I reluctantly left the studio when the security guard lost patience […]

Strictly ChaChaChaCheese

I predict this year’s Strictly will be the most competitive ever. There’s glamour, and dancing and LOTS of advice from Darcey, ya? Be sure to tune in next week for Darcey’s steer on car insurance and interest rates as well as the ChaChaCha or should that be the YaYaYa?

The standouts for me were Lisa […]

Strictly Carrots

I don’t know whether to celebrate or sulk – Strictly is back – but for one week only 🙁

The BBC dangled the sequinned carrot in front of my wet nose, and then they cruelly whipped it away……

Where should I start? Let’s go with Darcy Bussell. In her dance with Ian Waite the camerawork […]