Honey, I Shrunk the Strictly Contestants!

Strictly in Wemberly sounded like a great idea, but it brought back unhappy memories of the hours I spent hunting for lost Polly Pocket dollies in the carpet when my daughters were small and teeny weeny Polly Pockets were their favourite toys .

In that vast arena I felt I was looking at the tiny […]

Dead Pigeon Handwash

I washed my hands in a dead pigeon last night.

It was 4am and I was sleepy and when it happened I did that thing they do on films – stood open mouthed and stared at what was coming out of my bathroom hot tap and down onto my hands.

Think Amytyville Horror. What was […]

Back Seat Boo Boo

Yesterday we took a divide and conquer approach to our shopping. I did the supermarket sweep and my husband did the garden centre. He promised he’d be waiting for me in Tesco’s car park when I was done. What that actually means is that he would be parked in the space furthest away from […]