Denim in the Dark

I heart my jeans. So much so that I think my Pappy’s, Pappy’s, Pappy’s Pappy may have been a cowboy.

We are celebrating 30 years of bum coverage together this year. M&S circa 1985. Then I found out my daughters don’t share the love.

“Embarrassing!” they said during their denim intervention, and they took me […]

Honey, I Shrunk the Strictly Contestants!

Strictly in Wemberly sounded like a great idea, but it brought back unhappy memories of the hours I spent hunting for lost Polly Pocket dollies in the carpet when my daughters were small and teeny weeny Polly Pockets were their favourite toys .

In that vast arena I felt I was looking at the tiny […]

Crying at Christmas

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend and we chatted about things worth crying about. On my list I included Gareth Malone’s/ Military Wives Christmas Song and the current John Lewis ad where the cute little boy can’t wait for Christmas morning to GIVE not receive his gift.

I actually teared up just remembering his […]

Curtain Tracks and Fat Feet

I went to buy a curtain track in John Lewis and ended up in their shoe department, as you do.

I asked to try on a pair of shoes that I had no intention of buying in this lifetime or the next. Super high, shiny and tarty they were the sort of shoes best suited […]

Tiaras, Tears and Reindeer Hats

Catherine Middleton is no commoner. Compared to the actual blue bloods on parade at Westminster Abbey today she had more poise, dignity and modesty than any of them. Her dress was divine, her Mum was a super heroine to keep her composure and her oh-so-proud Dad was adorable.

And talking of commoners. Commonest was plus […]

Strop Shop Flop

My laptop has thrown a Brendan Cole (aka a strop) and won’t play by the rules, so I did an emergency dash to John Lewis for a new one last night.

I had 23 minutes before they closed and spent 12 of those dousing myself in Bobbi Brown and Versace fragrances and chose…… a 3 […]