Feckity Feck

If your ankles are not as shapely as they might be, and are difficult to differentiate from your calf – you are the owner of a ‘Cankle’.

This change your life observation was reported on the Daily Mail website today. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1390592/Cheryl-Cole-Miley-Cyrus-Helen-Mirren-suffer-curse-cankles.html Cherie Blair, Helen Mirren, Cheryl Cole and Hilary Clinton are all Canklers, too.

My […]

Roaming Polanski

The law has finally caught up with film director Roaming Polanski who raped, sodomized and drugged a thirteen year old girl and fled into exile before he was sentenced by the US court that had found him guilty. I’m not going to say how long ago the crime took place because what’s that got to […]