Golden Gawps

It was the Golden Gawps, I mean Globes, this week and there were a lot of Hollywood stars who stepped out without looking in a mirror first.

I have said it before and will say it again – yellow is for babygros – but Lena Dunham just won’t listen.

Drew Barrymore arrived wearing her garden […]

Who are You Wearing?

If someone thrust a microphone into my face this morning, Golden Globes red carpet style, and asked me “Who are you wearing?” I would have to answer “Asda and E-bay.”

Lucy Lui came as her garden which was very original. Eva Longoria and Halle Berry were working the Jake the Peg look in an Angelina […]

Scared and Shoes and Globes

It’s 2am and I can’t sleep because I am still freaked after reading Michelle Paver’s petrifyingly pee-inducing book ‘Dark Matter’ – but tonight it doesn’t ‘matter’ all because the Golden Globes are on TV……. and they have a STILETTO CAM on the red carpet!!! Yes they bloody well do! Wake up all of you and […]

Globes and Wiggles

It’s 1.15 am and I can’t go to bed because the 67th Golden Globes Awards Ceremony is live on TV. I am pigging out on botox and cleveage and teeth bleach.

My Irish mother gene makes me want to scream at Mariah Carey “Keep your chest warm!” Her dress has got to be on back […]