Last week Jimi Mistry had a hissy fit and carried on like there had been some major national tragedy when he was voted out of Strictly. The real shock was that, as the floppiest footed dancer in the competition, he didn’t exit even sooner.

I didn’t miss Jimi at all this week because Gavin […]

Strictly Balls and Bedsheets

It was a wobbly weekend on Strictly. Pamela looked doughty and now a doubtful winner. Anne was a flopper girl and my guess is she’s running out of old gal power, and as for poor Michelle – it was like watching an ironing board waltz. Gavin had a ball. Yes, really he did. And he […]

Cape Hope

Brendan threw an almighty strop. Anton threw an almighty Anne and I nearly threw up watching the Viennese waltz. Roundandaroundandaroundand……

Pam had surprise heavy legs and I am starting to enjoy the now very jolly Patsy Lambrini, but poor Felicity has an air of impending doom about her. And didn’t she remind you of the […]

Top That

Is this Gavin Henson calling Asda ?