Cape Hope

Brendan threw an almighty strop. Anton threw an almighty Anne and I nearly threw up watching the Viennese waltz. Roundandaroundandaroundand……

Pam had surprise heavy legs and I am starting to enjoy the now very jolly Patsy Lambrini, but poor Felicity has an air of impending doom about her. And didn’t she remind you of the […]


Pamela Stephenson! The woman rumbaed with such grace and poise that her age had nothing to do with the wonder of it. OK. That’s the praise out of the way. Let’s get back to some uninformed criticism…….

Peter Shilton and Boris Karloff – separated at birth?

Felicity Kendal rumbaed mostly with her lips and […]

And They’re Off !

It’s going to be a CLASSIC Strictly year on this weekend’s showing.

Highlights were Michelle Williams being all bounce but no boogie. Is she related to Janice Dickinson ? Felicity Kendal wore a big bird dress and has got to stop wrinkling her nose because it stopped being cute in 1978. And Paul Daniels got […]

Where Have You Been ?

Writing a memoir (Me and Mine published by Virago in March 2011) has been big fun for me, but not my family who have heard nothing but “Do it yourself” from me for months on end. They did as they were told and all peeled off and had summers of their own whilst I hugged […]