Shame about Shirley

Hollywood Schmollywood – Shirley Maclaine was a plasticine faced anti-climax on last week’s Downton Abbey. There was a dazed and confused and can’t-be-arsed-air about her performance. I’m going to give her one last chance tomorrow night because of how sassy she was in ‘Terms of Endearment’.

I hope the entire cast has trainers on under […]

Pinkies,Vegetable Balls and Forefathers

I think I must be proper posh. I put my hand into my top oven yesterday to retrieve an M&S vegetable ball I was heating up for lunch and I crooked up my little finger as I did so. You know, the way they do it in Downton Abbey when they are taking tea?

My […]

Downturn at Downtown

Downton Abbey is on the slide. I’ve hit the fast forward button several times since it’s comeback, a move inconceivable during the first series.

In Sunday’s show when the jilted Anna turned up at the pub to find her runaway ex fiance Bates behind the bar and got the line “Half a cider, please?” it […]

Wax Lyrical

The Nurse who syringed my friend’s ear earlier today flushed out eight teaspoons of wax and was thrilled with her trawl. “I have enough wax here for all the candles in Downton Abbey’s Dining Room!” she laughed and then she hummed the theme tune to the show. I think she’s a fan.