The Tousled Blonde Hair of The Law

Which celebrity would you choose to arrest you if you got on the wrong side of the law? I bagsy George Clooney, as long as he was armed with a pair of fluffy handcuffs.

Pity the bloke who got arrested earlier today and found London Mayor Boris Johnson heading up the dawn raid –


Feckity Feck

If your ankles are not as shapely as they might be, and are difficult to differentiate from your calf – you are the owner of a ‘Cankle’.

This change your life observation was reported on the Daily Mail website today. Cherie Blair, Helen Mirren, Cheryl Cole and Hilary Clinton are all Canklers, too.

My […]

Strictly Charles, Cherie and Daffodils

All my daffodils have come up without flowers this year. Inspired by Prince Charles I have asked why they have let me down. If they don’t come up with a good answer I’ll have to ground them.

And yuk to infinity – Cherie Blair has told the world that she and Tony still find one […]

Claret Cherie and Me

My son who has got a job and is no longer a student and who is flush sent his dad and I on a treat day out to a Wine Fair last weekend.

This took place in a posh part of London and was essentially full of wine quaffing Jaeger louts. On the way in […]