Say Thank You Nicely!

I’m ready for the boo-hisses on this – but I was unmoved by Olivia Colman’s bashful, eversoumblewomannextdoor schtick at last night’s BAFTAs.

In fact, watching this experienced and acclaimed actress splutter all over her winner’s statuette last night made me cringe.

Worse still she started her speech with the word ‘Sorry’. Sorry for what? Earning […]

Dishes and Dulls

Luvvie Land (the BAFTAs) was on BBC1 last night. Two hours of Dullsville. And that’s coming from me, a woman who could watch a roomful of movie stars sleeping and still be thrilled silly.

There wasn’t an award for comedy but if there had been it would have gone to Paloma Faith. She came to […]

Starry Starry NOT

Why are the BAFTAS so bleedy dull?

‘Nood’ was big amongst the dresses, and why do the men always stick with black. Isn’t colour unisex?

Tilda Swinton has the best posture in the world but chose to wrap her ass up like a Christmas present topped off with a big satin bow. I’m sure […]