Who are You Wearing?

If someone thrust a microphone into my face this morning, Golden Globes red carpet style, and asked me “Who are you wearing?” I would have to answer “Asda and E-bay.”

Lucy Lui came as her garden which was very original. Eva Longoria and Halle Berry were working the Jake the Peg look in an Angelina […]

Strictly a Mystery

It was a splat kind of week for Strictly, mostly because I didn’t have tickets to see it live again and relive the best Saturday night out I have ever had.

At least half the performances had no visual clues as to what the theme was, or even what the dance was. All very mysterious. […]

Top That

Is this Gavin Henson calling Asda ?


Barter and Garter

I am a supermarket tart, I shop around, and today I was trollied up in Asda when there was a power cut.

All the lights went out, the tills fell silent and a bunch of suits appeared and stood shoulder to shoulder shouting into walkie talkies (most likely) to one another.

I headed to the […]