Ten Ton Toes

Had the dancing shoes been dipped in concrete on last night’s Strictly? It was heavy legs all around, and Anne Widdecombe simply played statues and pulled funny faces. I am completely over her. In fact the whole show was as tired as Scccccccccoooooottttttt – until Gavin popped up in the grip of a pair of […]

Donkeys and Asses

It’s long been my opinion that the only items of clothing that should be made in yellow are babygros. Yellow is a trigger for migraine and an all around embarrassment for anyone old enought to sit up by themselves.

So when Anne Widdecombe turned up on Strictly last night looking like a canary on steroids […]


Last week Jimi Mistry had a hissy fit and carried on like there had been some major national tragedy when he was voted out of Strictly. The real shock was that, as the floppiest footed dancer in the competition, he didn’t exit even sooner.

I didn’t miss Jimi at all this week because Gavin […]

Strictly Balls and Bedsheets

It was a wobbly weekend on Strictly. Pamela looked doughty and now a doubtful winner. Anne was a flopper girl and my guess is she’s running out of old gal power, and as for poor Michelle – it was like watching an ironing board waltz. Gavin had a ball. Yes, really he did. And he […]

Ballroom Bliss

Laughter crylights from this Saturday :

Team Pamela? Me too. She tripped the light fantastic and smiled and shimmied her way through it as her hero James turned his back and skipped off in the opposite direction. And I loved her mini Sesame Street homage at the top of the dance too when she shook […]

And They’re Off !

It’s going to be a CLASSIC Strictly year on this weekend’s showing.

Highlights were Michelle Williams being all bounce but no boogie. Is she related to Janice Dickinson ? Felicity Kendal wore a big bird dress and has got to stop wrinkling her nose because it stopped being cute in 1978. And Paul Daniels got […]