Tweetie Pie and David Cassidy

I am tennis delirious at the moment. Even Sue Barker wearing tweety pie yellow yesterday, with matching skin and hair, couldn’t make me turn the telly off.

Novak Djokovic plays like a ballet trained hip hop dancer with a racquet who but he has just been demolished by the stately Roger Federer, so nothing makes […]

Balls and Undertakers and Coconut Mushrooms

I’ll be up all night catching up on the work I didn’t do today because Wimbledon gobbled my time. The big tennis question of the day is has the club dumped the rule about players walking off the court together after a match? I have seen several losers stroppy walking to the dressing room ahead […]

Sad Bananas and Strops

Saw a photo of a sad Andy Murray leaving Wimbledon last night carrying all his gear; bags, bananas, racquets and dirty laundry. He’s only eleven and a half months away from trying again, so I hope he takes heart.

But – if he looked a bit less Napoleon Dynamite might that bring out his inner […]

Blisteringly Good

Yesterday ay Wimbledon I discovered another good reason to be a vegetarian. Sitting on Centre Court in searing sunlight without any shade I now know what a chicken in a hot oven would feel like. I know that makes limited sense because the roasting chicken would already be dead, but my brains got sunburnt yesterday […]