Strictly Spooky and Stilton

Alesha was wrapped in a blanket on last night’s Strictly – I just hope it’s a travel blanket and that she is going far, far away very soon. She’s devaluing a 10 score so frequently I think the producers should introduce a 10* for the remainder of this series.

Russell danced first this week and […]

Strictly Smiling

This week in Strictly there was a lot of smiling to music as a substitute for actually dancing. Not at all surprised Dan Whoeverhewas was voted off – he was the worst cultprit for mixing up beaming with boogying.

The camera caught Alesha Dixon checking herself in the monitor several times during both Saturday and […]

Strictly Balls and Bedsheets

It was a wobbly weekend on Strictly. Pamela looked doughty and now a doubtful winner. Anne was a flopper girl and my guess is she’s running out of old gal power, and as for poor Michelle – it was like watching an ironing board waltz. Gavin had a ball. Yes, really he did. And he […]

Strictly Shrieking

Bee Gee-pers creepers ! The Gibb brothers looked freshly dug up on last night’s Strictly. Listening to them shrieking as if their testicles were being crushed in a clamp fashioned by the devil himself was halloween hell-arious.

Highlights from last night were Alesha suggesting that Chris should tape his mouth shut……….lead by example […]