Gee Thanks!

A big thank you to the HUGE number of people who have contacted me with messages of support after the explosive ‘This Morning’ debate with Katie Hopkins.

Anna May x



Name Dropping

It was the first time I had been invited on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ and events went off like a firework……..

This was mostly thanks to Katie Hopkins who put forward the opinion that being working class is a contagious disease that she doesn’t want her children, little Posh and Poshellas , to catch.


Strictly Sensational 2011

It’s going to be a VINTAGE year, I can tell already.

Tonight’s theme was game old birds: Tess Daly wore a Sesame Street big bird jumpsuit and introduced Dolly Parton who was dressed in Mother Goose style gauchos.

Edwina Currie was done up as half Queen Mother and half showgirl. Lulu is clearly this […]

Blow Fish Breakfast

By 7.45am this morning I had met Mary Portas (she’s got a dolly bum), Brigitte Nielsen ( a banana blonde on stilt heels), Kate Hoey (beautiful soft, curly hair) and pocket sized Chris Hollins who doesn’t look at all like he can dance although all us Strictly fans know different.

I was on BBC Breakfast […]

Miriam Rocks

I hope that 51 year old Miriam O’ Reilly’s successful age discrimation case against the BBC means that the era of Beauty and the Beast TV presenter pairings on ALL channels is over.

When working on a BBC TV show Ms O Reilly was offered a can of black hair dye and told to […]


Last night I was on BBC Radio 5 Live defending a man’s right to wear pyjamas. Guy Ritchie is apparently guilty of a crime against good taste because he was photographed on his doorstep in jim jams earlier this week. He was waving off his gorgeous new girlfriend at the time. She is umpteen years […]

Taxis and Truants

The cab driver who turned up to to take me to the BBC Radio 5 Live Studio tonight opened the car door for me, helped me diddle with the seat belt and called me a very pretty lady. He undid all his good work in a stroke by saying I reminded him very much of […]

Postman Prat

Happy New Year to you all – may it be your best ever.

2010 – the number of tears I cried as we drove away from our family Christmas holiday at a Luxury Health Spa.When we arrived there on Christmas Eve for this first in a lifetime experience there was a brief wardrobe malfunction when […]

Put It Away

On Friday evening I was invited to be part of a discussion on the BBC Radio 5 Live Stephen Nolan Show. The topic was school uniform, and in particular girls shrinking interpretation of it. Every secondary school in the vicinity of my house could be renamed The Britney Spears Academy because the majority of the […]