Tiger Balm and Bandy Turkeys

I am walking like a bandy turkey today because of the Run to the Beat half marathon that happened Greenwich Park yesterday.

To get to the finish line in time to see my daughter cross it I had to scamper up the precipice that leads to the Observatory, and slide down the hill the other […]

Ballroom Bliss

I’m back!

But much better news is that Strictly is back. And what a feast it was – no cheese required tonight. It’s pure cruelty that we have to wait three weeks to clap eyes on them all again.

First impressions are:

Abbey Clancy hearts Abbey Clancy

Deborah Meaden doesn’t know what embarrassment is

James […]

Feet Up

As I get older I am getting better at growing hard skin on my feet. I have tried everything to tackle my inbuilt high heels. Nothing works except a £35 session with a brave podiatrist who dons a hard hat and goggles and tackles my trotters with sharp blades and a sanding machine

Since my […]

Hanging Loose

This evening, in a falsetto shout, I threatened to set fire to our back room curtains. This is because I hate the way they slide off the rail at the end every time I draw them open or shut.

Mr Anna May is the chief curtain track fixer and hanger in our house and he […]

Oh I Do Like to Freeze Beside the Seaside

Wooohooo school’s almost out and Mr Anna May and I are off on an Easter jolly to the Irish seaside. Mindful of the sub zero Springtime weather I have packed ski type puffa wear, chapped lip and nose cream and hotties (mini hottie wattie botties) to put in my pockets to keep my hands alive […]

Success Dress

TWO of my daughters graduate as Doctors this year and I am sooooo proud that to mark the magnitude of the occasion and their six tough years of study I feel I should dress for their success. A ballgown in a psychedelic colour with a train and a sash with a matching placard about how […]

Lady Sideburns

The sides of my face are getting fluffy hairy, so fluffy that in this cold weather I think I can feel my lady sideburns ruffling in the wind.

I’ve decided not to fret about this development and to put it down to being a female mammal age related thing. And it is in part balanced […]


I went to visit an elderly relative last week and heard the tale of him taking a flight for the very first time. He told me that in the old days’ (the 1980’s) flying was considered a dress up special occasion.

On the big day of travel his suitcase which contained the family holiday money […]

Free Cars and Tropicana for Students

A garage collected our red Ford KA today. It’s the car my three daughters share but don’t pay for because when you are a student and live at home cars and Tropicana come for free. It has to be repaired because some dork drove straight into the back of it last week.

The garage man […]

BA (Hons) in Champagne Bubbles

Last night we went out with the whole family to celebrate the fact that my baby is a now a graduate and has a very bright future ahead.

It was such a great night; the pre dinner cocktails were pretty and potent and were served with plump olives that took three bites to eat and […]