Strictly Seven Go to Blackpool


It’s Musicals week so they let Anton, who can’t hold a tune in a bucket, sing us in….?

Then on came Tess even though she’d clearly put her head through the armhole of her dress…?

What could possibly go right after that?

Ore went off the Strictly boil after his jive a few weeks back, and it’s no surprise that  that draggy-dull foxtrot left him in the bottom two.

Judge Grinder definitely got his  hips out for that swansong Samba. He was a great contestant – I ended up laughing with him and not at him. Note to Santa – Judge Rinder does not need a ‘dance like no-one’s watching’ mug.

Louise is jaunty, jolly and has jettisoned the kitchen sink to do something for herself and boost her confidence. She’s not the best dancer but she is the best smiler on the show.

JUST WHAT MORE DO CLAUDIA AND AJ HAVE TO DO TO GET ALL TENS? Maybe they could try flying without wings next week.

Danny Mac is incredible, and Oti is probably the best female pro ever to dance on Strictly. But in terms of the all important Strictly ‘journey’ Danny has been jogging on the spot (magnificently) since week 1.

Next week’s theme is dance your sparkly socks off, people.







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