Strictly Shaping Up

If they ever do a remake of The Woodentops then Tess Daly must be a shoo-in for a leading role.  Week on week she proves that it wasn’t the bumbling Brucie that held her back from being a bright and interesting TV presenter, it’s the fact that she is a personality free zone. And her smile scares me.

Daisy and Aljaz’s Salsa was cringey, mostly because of the hula bula they made of the lifts. Wave bye bye to Daisy everyone. Surely she must be out this week?

Busting a gut trying doesn’t make you a great dancer but it does make you likeable. Greg butched it up good  but not entirely proper in his Paso… And Natalie must have been cooking in her dress made of sofa covers.

Judge Rinder played his granny and granddad card wisely, it being Remembrance weekend and all.  I don’t approve of how he reacts to comments and scoring. Why doesn’t he just pull up a chair and judge himself?

Ore pouted and stuck out his chin in  good time to the music, but the Rumba is a flippin’ dreary dance whoever does it.

Katya truly earned her money this week by allowing Ed Balls to jump her then and bounce his bum on her breasts Gangnam style.

Claudia and  AJ  Viennised better than the biscuit.

Danny and Oti should have got 11’s for their Argentine Tango and then had a point deducted because he is a trained dancer. But still it should have been straight 10’s for that stunner of a dance.

Louise lightened up – at last.

The Class of 2016 are starting to shape up.






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