Strictly So So

Halloween hi jinks hack me right off, and the only thing that was scary about Strictly Week 6 was just how bad some of the dances were….

Louise Redknapp needs to let rip. She’s nice but……buttoned up.  I prescribe a bottle of Jacob’s Creek Rose as a cure.

Judge Rinder’s nipples were presented to the nation for his butterfly Paso. I’m not sure whether he is committed  to the dance, or if he  needs to be committed. The jury is out.

Claudia and AJ’s American Smooth was magical.

Anastacia jived like she was wearing clogs.

Danny fluffed his Foxtrot and his ‘journey’ begins….

Laura and Giovanni are a chill pairing….overmarked and underliked in this house.

Ore was swivelicious in his Charleston.

Greg’s got a stick out bumba ideal for a Rumba, and acted his sweatpants off. For a sports bloke he did good.

Daisy blubbed and babytalked because she was in the bottom two last week – that’s a sure fire way to be back there this week. Could it be the FlamenGO for Daisy?

So ex Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls can count – and  he  did it out loud, or sang, for most of his cheery Cha Cha Cha.

And – Tess Grayly should pull up a chair if she wants to be a judge or else stop giving her opinions on what the actual paid up judges have to say about each dance.

Tonight’s Strictly snack was a homemade pumpkin pate on wholemeal toast. It tasted like shite. But I didn’t tell that to the kind neighbour who made and shared.







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