Strictly Settling In

Week 2 already and it kicked off with Ore and Joanne’s Cha Cha Cha. There was a snappy bit of braceography in there but I thought “Ore for that!” when it was over.

Claudia and AJ did a lovely waltz and then she fed him, changed him, burped him and put him down to sleep after all the excitement.

Will’s jive was a flop. His face did the dance, but his feet didn’t.

Lesley is 71.  Respect. And Anton’s trousers deserve a show of their own

Greg planked the Tango but treated us to a good look at  his  bottom which resembles two watermelons in a carrier bag. Nice.

Tameka and Gorka danced a cheery Charleston – she’s a hoot and a holler but might need to find and use her mute button some of the time. Just saying.

Laura and Giovanni did a lovely waltz. Who is she again?

Melvin’s cotton wool Tango was ‘orrible. Frowning does not a Tango make.

Allelujah! LouKev  twirled good.

This is the second week running that Anastacia and Brendan have done the sexpot thing – next Saturday they should try sexnot and maybe just dance?

Ed Ball’s Charleston was all great fat-belly-in-plaid  fun. I hope the BBC are keeping a good watch on Ed’s expense claims while he’s on Strictly. The bloke has previous.

Naga’s Cha Cha Cha was underwhelming and her interviews awks in the extreme…..oh, and Diana Ross called – she wants her hair back.

Why does Judge Rinder speak to his partner Oksana like she is a deaf 100 year old? Does he make me laugh? Or cringe? The jury is out.

Daisy Lowe – overmarked.

Danny and Oti did a star turn on their Viennese  Waltz.

I reckon Naga will be out because Darcy told her how great she looked. Seasoned Strictly viewers will know when Darcy gushes over your outfit it’s  code for,  “A  mop handle could have done that dance better!”









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