Strictly Popcorn

I do love a good theme and Cinema Week was just the ticket:

Daisy Whowe’s quickstep was , er, I can’t remember. But I know she smiled a lot.

I get it, I get it – Anastacia is brave and is battling on.

Danny did a Mac-nificent Paso.  Oti got the dress dud of the week made from an old ruched blind and some black nylon knickers.

Lesley steamed her quickstep. She’s 70? I demand a recount.

Will Young. he of the orange pantaloons, kindly put Head Judge Len straight on how to mark a Salsa.  To be fair, Will was probably still in shock after that lift – the one where Karen leapt from the floor and shoved her foo-foo in his face.

It’s a mission impossible to get Naga to put any ooopmph into her dances. She would have got higher scores for that Tango if Pasha had left her stuck the harness.

Judge Rinder is going to wear his face out with all his gurning and grinning. And he looked just like Todd from Corrie in that wig.

Ore nicked the night – he got his style and his personality out for ‘Dancing in the Rain’ and it was a perfect storm.

Laura waved her woo woo in  Giovanni’s face – but still their Salsa was lacking.

Greg Dabumbum and Natalie’s American Smooth was divine. I have put a red whooshy dress on this week’s shopping list and I plan to waft in it. A lot.

Poppet pairing Claudia and AJ had jumping beans for  their nursery tea, and it showed in their Charleston.

Too-much Tameka did a dull Tango. Not much cop really.

A banana having a seizure….Ed Balls. Make sense of that statement if you can.

Louise and Kevin did a Cha Cha Cha that was a bit blah, blah, blah.

And my predicition is that in movie week it’s Naga who has to be the Gone Girl……






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