Strictly Pancake Week

So Will Young has flounced off and then there were, in Tesstalk (quick fake smile) 12 cooples left on Strictly.

It was mostly pancake week. As in flat as…..

Greg and Natalie did a so what Salsa.

Laura Quickstepped with her head chucked back so far that I thought she was counting the lightbulbs.

Anastacia is a trooper, but she is also a lumpy dancer.

Cuties Claudia and AJ did a forgettable Foxtrot

Ed Ballsupped his Paso Doble. He’s the joke that stopped being funny last weekend.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had a good cringe just watch Naga trying to trawl up some perky mermaid personality for her Charleston.

Louise’s Foxtrot was too comfy womfy. I tuned out halfway through to think about the US election and how poor voters have to choose between constipation and diarrhoea as President.

Boris Becker liked Danny Mac’s Quickstep and I BIG heart Boris Becker

This might be a bit of a Lowe blow but I fast forwarded Daisy’s dronezone Rumba.

Judge Rinder was a face pulling whirling dervish in his Viennese Waltz.

Lesley joyously out-Charlestoned the yoofs.

Jive Shouting! Ore and Joanne were magnificent and took Week 4 from humdrum to hurrah.

Tess Dreary needs to go. She’s a woodentop in a sparkly dress.




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