Strictly Glum Dancing

First things first – Tess Greyly has developed a really irritating habit of repeating, in the style of Les Dawson,  what the judges have to say to the cooples. Write her some lines of her own, somebody please.

Meanwhile, on the dance floor it was a moody and not at all magnificent night.

Tis a pity Judge Rinder can’t score himself, and then he’d get the 10’s he’s certain  he so richly deserves.

Lesley’s face did the tango but her feet didn’t.

Before you vote him out for dud dancing remember that Greg is an OLYMPIAN. But has he played his national hero card too early? Let’s hope he’s got an ailing  grandma to wheel out for votes later on.

Anastacia borrowed Gorka for one night only, and he proper perked her up.

Louise and Kevin were dressed in grey that set the mood for their dreary Rumba. There were a couple of moves that looked like he was loading her into a cab after a boozy night out.

Ed Balls American Smooth wasn’t.  Even before he almost dumped Katya on her head from a height he had  fright in his eyes. And there was a lot of woo-hoo grabbing going on. Was Ed channelling that other busted flush politician Donald Trump?

Ore can’t put a foot wrong so far this series, and didn’t last night

I’m not feeling Daisy. I bet Janette Manrara isn’t either . Her and Alijaz’s Charleston  felt like it went on forever.

Laura’s bad ankle must have given all the other contestants a tension headache because she was a hot favourite for the dance off. So Laura gets a bye for this week, instead of a bye bye.

Danny Mac should keep his chest warm for fear he catches Brendan’s lung infection. He moved his bumba well in that Rumba.

I thought my Skybox was stuck on fast forward for Claudia and AJ’s speed Samba. Calm down dears.

Class of 2016 – could do better.

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