Strictly So So

Halloween hi jinks hack me right off, and the only thing that was scary about Strictly Week 6 was just how bad some of the dances were….

Louise Redknapp needs to let rip. She’s nice but……buttoned up. I prescribe a bottle of Jacob’s Creek Rose as a cure.

Judge Rinder’s nipples were presented to the […]

Strictly Glum Dancing

First things first – Tess Greyly has developed a really irritating habit of repeating, in the style of Les Dawson, what the judges have to say to the cooples. Write her some lines of her own, somebody please.

Meanwhile, on the dance floor it was a moody and not at all magnificent night.

Tis a […]

Strictly Pancake Week

So Will Young has flounced off and then there were, in Tesstalk (quick fake smile) 12 cooples left on Strictly.

It was mostly pancake week. As in flat as…..

Greg and Natalie did a so what Salsa.

Laura Quickstepped with her head chucked back so far that I thought she was counting the lightbulbs.

Anastacia […]

Strictly Popcorn

I do love a good theme and Cinema Week was just the ticket:

Daisy Whowe’s quickstep was , er, I can’t remember. But I know she smiled a lot.

I get it, I get it – Anastacia is brave and is battling on.

Danny did a Mac-nificent Paso. Oti got the dress dud of the […]

Strictly Settling In

Week 2 already and it kicked off with Ore and Joanne’s Cha Cha Cha. There was a snappy bit of braceography in there but I thought “Ore for that!” when it was over.

Claudia and AJ did a lovely waltz and then she fed him, changed him, burped him and put him down to sleep […]

Week 1 – Strictly Mystery ‘Celebrities’

Ooops – I am a week late to the party – but what about Strictly 2016? It’s like Strictly Come Dancing mixed with Surprise Surprise. I mean, who are these people?

Week 1 thoughts:

I predict plenty of kissy kissy for Laura NeverClappedEyesonHer and Giovanni

Nagawhowhat? and Pasha are already a bit of a bore […]