Strictly Smiley Love

OK first things first – why was Katie Derham’s husband wearing a comic for the final?

And there are more questions than answers:

How come Len and Bruno declared Kellie as their winner before voting was closed? Aren’t the judges  they supposed to be Switzerland?

Why was Jay and Aliona’s showdance a no-dance? It was definitely more flop than fit.

How did Kellie and Kevin get away with TWO charleston style dances?  I overdosed on their grinning and gurning.

Why was Georgia blindfolded for the start of her showdance ? A case of 50 shades of step away from the glitterball.  And creepy central.

How could Anton dare to look so disappointed when he didn’t make the final three? Had he been wearing Georgia’s blindfold when the other couples danced?

I was disappointed Jay won in the end. He was flat faced and a trained dancer. Kellie was a dance teacher and Georgia had been to stage school where dancing was on the timetable so in terms of a ‘journey’ they all had a head start.

Anita was my winner this year, she didn’t get the glitterball, but she got a lot of smiley love from me and legions of Strictly fans for her no previous dance experience,  general bravura and all round brilliance.






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  • I agree about Anita, she was robbed. And I was disappointed with the showdances this year. But I still watched and enjoyed it all, and when I have a minute will catch up with your always brilliant posts.

    Happy Christmas!