Strictly Seaside

Can I just say that Peter Andre starts every sentence with “Can I just say…” and that it makes my gills tighten with irritation. Being in the bottom two is going to make him creep for his Strictly life, which is going to be painful to watch.

Jamelia finally got voted out –  I ‘ve been bearing a grudge ever since she said size 16 clothes shouldn’t be available on the high street – so huzzah that she’s gone.

Blackpool  rocked:

Jay has got worse every week since his jive but did an OK Salsa and managed to pull a few faces to the music that  pleased Craig.

Jamelia quickstepped to the exit, and her ass looked like is was approaching the dreaded size 16 in that wrapping paper dress she was wearing.

Anita has never danced before so she is doing extraordinary things every Saturday night BUT she wastes a lot of energy toadying to Gleb. She needs to realise she is doing him a favour by being so brilliant. In another life in another series he might have been partnered with Ann Widdecombe. ps: I loved Anita’s Mum

Katie and Anton did a dreamy American Smooth and no emus were harmed in the making of her dress.

Peter pulled faces to the music and did a mysterious boy dance. Was it a Salsa? Was it a Charleston?  Was it a mess? No, no and yes.

I want GeeGee to fall in love and get married and to do that American Smooth as the first dance at their wedding. It was beeeeyooooootiful and after that she must be the contestant that the others fear most.

Helen George should concentrate less on being cute and more on dancing.

Kellie and Kevin  did a jolly quickstep ut should lose points because Kevin’s sister Joane is just so OTT and annoying.

Two dances apiece next week. I don’t know if I can take the pace….










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  • Jan

    Hello Anna May, spot on with your observations as always. Can I just say that I had noticed that about Peter Andre without realising that I had noticed it if you know what I mean. I am rapidly going off him and have resigned myself to losing my bet. Georgia was the best by far this week but I loved Anita’s pasa as well. Also…’can I just say’ that I score you a 10 for your weekly comments. You never fail to make me laugh.