Strictly Scandal

“Fix” yelled Jamelia all week when the word she should have been shouting was ‘Miracle!’  How did Jamelia ever make it as far into the competition as she did with those leaden legs?

After Jameliagate Peter – and can I just say he loves his kids – was a marked man and off he jolly well went to…er, love his kids.

Kellie and Kevin Salsa-ed like they were on the run from CBeebies.  They clattered around the dance floor and Kevin did his standard  jumping bean impression all around a knackered looking Kellie. If it’s true she is only 40 – someone  get that woman a truckload of Oil of Olay.

Anton and Katy did shin wars in a dreary Argentine Tango.

Helen and Alijaz’s Viennese Waltz was spectacular , and Alijaz’s squeezy bum is on my Christmas list.

How did that funky and fabulous Tango not get full marks for Jay and Aliona ?

Anita and Gleb did a  Rumba that didn’t make me go all sensual, instead it reminded me that I need to take my net curtains down for a wash before Christmas.

GeeGee are gorgeous and their Paso was very pow wow.

The danceathon was dull, as were the judge’s lengthy calculations about the scores,  as were their (new this week) post dance off vote explanations.

And Tess Daly was just one veil short of a bride.









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