Strictly Fireworks

Dancing that bouncy, flippy Charleston Peter Andre was finally as good as he thinks he’s been right from the start of the series.

Carol is  so  dreary and in their lift poor Pasha looked like a nurse hauling his elderly patient out of bed  to sit her on the commode.

Helen Rumbaed with Alijaz. I liked her hotpant suit and I LOVED his open shirt.

Jay was like the maypole that Aliona danced around during their Argentine Tango. And he needs to lose the pancake face.

Katy got clobbered. Again.

Gleb dry humped the dance floor and then jumped four feet in the air and placed his crown jewels on Anita’s chin during their jive. Discuss.

Kellie and Kevin’s waltz felt like it went on for 10 minutes. Schmaltzy, sickly and extremely so what?

Did Jamelia dance? I didn’t notice.

The life size plastic horse could have made a better job of that tango than Jeremy. His expression throughout was ‘I am busy having a poo’. And if he keeps it up he’ll make the final, the man is a hoot and a holler.

GeeGee deserved 10’s for that Samba – it was bella danca baby!








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  • Jan

    This is all so funny, especially your assessment of Carole and Pasha. At last Peter Andre comes good but even I was bored by my favourites Kellie and Kevin. Jeremy Vine was the most entertaining because he looks like he’s having a ball. After all it’s not just about dancability.