Strictly’s Hotting Up

Gleb’s chebs came out during his Samba. Does he even know that he has a partner doing her best to keep up with him ? #GleblovesGleb

Daniel O’Donnell looked like a conductor on a bus – one that isn’t going anywhere near next week’s Strictly – as he danced an American Lumpy. This is the man I had tipped as a dead cert winner – and he’s turned out to be a loompa with no oompa.

It just ain’t happening for Kirsty.

GeeGee made me want to be young and hoppy all over again with a superfast Quickstep.

Jeremy Di-Vine jived like Austin Powers’s lanky brother. And every week the waist of his trousers is getting up closer to his collar bone.

Kevvie foxtrotted sweetly and neatly.

Jamelia CAN dance! Who knew?

Jayliona danced away from glory this week with a slip slidy quickstep.

Don’t know what Carol did, that woman is so drearynice week in week out I make my cup of tea when it’s her turn.

Ainsley and Natalie danced  an aaaaah! waltz. Uncle Fester is improving.

Helen and Alijaz salsa-ed to ‘Dr Beat’ – it was a reet treat from the moment at the start when Helen ripped his shirt open.

Peter Andre got tangoed to tango. And played the pretty young wife card. Yawwwnnnn.

Katie wheeled her daughters out, and it worked well  because she and Anton got great scores for their Viennese Waltz that. in my not at all expert opinion, was a bit Polka in places.

The Class of 2015 are starting to hot up.





3 comments to Strictly’s Hotting Up

  • Jan

    Hi Anna May

    Looks like it’s anyone’s for the taking this year..well almost anyone. Peter Andre is still my tip for the top and don’t forget he can always chuck his kids into the limelight when needed. In fact I thought he already had this week until I realised it was his wife. Oh dear!

  • Anna May

    Hi Jan,

    very funny about Peter Andre’s wife/kids who’s who!

    I think he’s getting eclipsed and needs a MOMENT.

    Anna May x

  • Julie

    I thought Daniel O’Donnell came across a a lovely man – shame he’s out but I am sure he’ll be back singing on a show or two. you’re so right about Gleb – he LOVES himself. I wonder if he dances with himself? Anita could take a week off and he wouldn’t notice