Strictly Average

For 11 months I have been on the edge of my sofa waiting for Strictly to return and…….so far I can take it or leave it.

The celebs are proving to be a bland bunch  (other than Jeremy Vine  last week, he truly danced like no-one was watching) and as yet there hasn’t been a decent water cooler moment.

The class of 2015 don’t need us to love them because they truly adore themselves. Like when Kirsty Gallacher cried an indignant “What?” when she got  low scores for her mostly airborne  Cha Cha Cha.

Jamelia’s  Cha Cha Cha  was all very disca.

I loved that Daniel’s wife inserted herself between Kristina and her man throughout their training video. He delivered a nice catholic Charleston.

Kirsty needs to lighten up. She gives me heartburn when she dances. And  this week she should spend some time practicing a happy face whatever her score.

Thumbs up (and not out says Craig) to Jay and Aliona’s waltz.

Crucifying the Cha Cha were Iwan and Ola. Brute force meets ballroom.

All through Georgia and Giovanni’s waltz all I could think about was the subtext of the black pudding that featured in their VT.

And speaking of subtext we Salsa on to Ainsley’s tomatoes….

Carol Kirkwood is too sweet to compete

Kevin and Kelly  were spa-spa-spa sparky in their Cha Cha Cha

Boxer Anthony has a lovely fiancee and I predict he will be seeing a lot more of her on Saturday nights soon. He’s a trier but he’s not going to win on points

Anita and Gleb stormed the floor. She’s been taking her daily dose of jumping beans.

It’s no joke for Anton this year – he did a tango and actually danced with his partner Katie instead of dragging her around the floor.

Peter and Jeanette giddi-upped a lively quickstep.

Helen played the pet dog card early in the series – but I guess no-one noticed because Alijaz was in the background. She did a Char-Char-Char  that was a tad too posh. Tip for next week: Don’t channel Lady Mary when you ‘darnce’.





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  • Jan

    Thanks Anna May, entertaining as ever. I hate to admit it but I am a Katie and Anton convert. I loved their dance this week. I also loved Jay’s balletic twirls. Sadly I might have lost my money on Peter Andre as he isn’t humble enough and the voting public do love humble. Maybe I should have put my money on self effacing Jay. Luckily it was only three pounds.