Strictly Good Start

Wooooohooo – Strictly is back, and so am I!

The show gives me bum ache –  I can’t miss a minute, I even lap up the brain dead video trails before each dance.

BUT – if Tess Daly doesn’t stop bawling “The audience loooved it!” to each contestant after their dance I might just have to get some sequinned earplugs to block her out.

Looking at the 2015 celebrity line up my first thought was where’s this year’s fatty boom boom?  And golden oldie?

I’ll quickstep through my first impressions:

Kelly and Kevin – herein known as Kevvie … I don’t watch Eastenders so I ain’t never clapped eyes on her. Their tango was ‘blah’.

Anthony and Otlile – He jived right out of his trousers so what’s not to like?

Helen and Alijaz – they are so gorgeous they could stand still and just stare into the camera and still I’d vote for them.

It’s unfortunate for Pasha that Carole Kirkwood looks like Rachel Riley’s Mum and also that the woman dances like she’s been deep frozen. Early bath for Pasha this year….

Daniel O’Donnell is a man who won’t be hurried. I’ve got a tenner on him to win the whole show so he needs to speed up and  get in the game. Has anyone told him it’s a competition?

Anita Rani is this year’s smilemaker, and you just gotta be glad for Gleb.

Wanted much more from Jay and Aliona – he danced a Cha Cha Cha like he was thinking Can’t Can’t Can’t.

Kirsty Gallacher is so lovely, why doesn’t she believe it?

Jeremy Vine certainly dances like no-one is watching…..O Joy!

I predict Georgia will become Mrs Giovannai Pernice in 2016, and I’m never writing that name again so I’m christening this pair GeeGee.

Uncle Fester can dance! Ainsley and Natalie’s romp certainly covered the entire floor.

Who knew Katie Derham was sooooo annoying? She is like a prim headmistress who’s been at the sherry bottle.

Iwan Thomas can stick his chest out. But not in time to the music.

Can’t remember Jamelia and Tristan’s dance. Yes, it was that average.

Peter Andre will cry if he doesn’t win.

Please VOTE for Daniel – make me rich!














2 comments to Strictly Good Start

  • Jan

    Welcome back Anna May and welcome back Strictly.I certainly agree with you about Katie Derham – she is totes manic. I love you description of her and will now only see her as a tiddly schoolmarm. My money’s on Peter Andre although he just might have peaked too soon…as the Bishop said to the actress.

  • Anna May

    Thanks, Jan.
    First impressions are that Katioe Derham will soon be dancing into cringe territory…but Twitter seems to love her so I guess I am just a big biatch.
    Keeeep watching! x