Strictly Nearly There

Last week Trixie got the sequinned boot after the dance off and her exit created a tidal wave of on-line huff from fans. “But she was the best dancer!” they cried. Er, yes she was – because since the tender age of 13 years old she’d had dance training.

Pixie and her singing wouldn’t be eligible for the X Factor and because Strictly is supposed to be about amateurs learning to dance she shouldn’t have had a place on that either. Ditto Denise Van Outen, Rachel Stevens and many other previously dance trained contestants down the years.

To this week: ta-ra Jake. In last night’s semi final he pulled one funny face too many and that magnificent two cooking apples bum didn’t get him out of trouble.

Somehow Frankie who is so limber and lithe manages to be uptight at the same time when she is dancing. For the final I prescribe a mugful of Lambrusco for Frankie fifteen minutes before she hits the dance floor.

Caroline has been busy coming up on the inside these past few weeks and, because I love her haircut and how Pasha manages to be doughy and dynamic at the same time, I am now rooting for them to win.

I have warmed to Mark over the weeks. He really does have a lovely pair of arms, but watching his partner Karen do her little-girl-lost act week in, week out, makes my eyeballs ache. After last night’s blub-a-thon I reckon they’ll have to do something pretty spectacular to keep The Glitterball in their sights.

Only one more week until I start blogging about me and mine again. Be afraid…..

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  • Jan

    One word, Anna May – CarolineandPashatowin! Alright, strictly (!) speaking that is 5 words but hey…