Strictly Jiggling Jake

He might look like a corpse dipped in glitter but Jake Wood and his jelly hipped Samba might have nicked Strictly 2014 from under the cute button noses of Pixie and Frankie.

Karen over emoted very unconvincingly when she and Mark got all 8’s from the judges for their Tango. Their next dance should be to the shower scene soundtrack from Psycho.Lock up your bunnies, Mark, I reckon Karen’s already got the water on the boil……

Mary Berry and Anthony Costa from Blue were sat next to each other in the audience. Odd how it looked like it’s Anthony who eats cake for a living.

In snooze corner Steve did a leaden legged jive and Sunetra did an isn’titoveryet? waltz. The competition will really start after next Saturday – by then they’ll both be out.

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  • Jan

    Haha, Anna May you crack me up. And I agree with everything you’ve said. Apart from Sunetra, the glitterball is anyone’s right now.