Strictly Blackpool or Bust

Someone please stop the Strictly judges shaking, rattling and rolling at the top of the show every Saturday. It looks like they are having a collective seizure. And the way Craig moves is seriously undermining his credentials to critique anyone’s dancing. Maybe next year for Children In Need he could mark himself?

It was Blackpool or bust this week and all the coooples threw themselves about with gusto.

Last week Frankie cried when she didn’t get enough love from the judges, and it’s beginning to look like she’s lost the tussle with Pixie for the Glitterball. Plus, her dress on Saturday was vile – Vivienne Westwood meets an omelette.

Jeanette stole the show with that American Smooth. Those red knickers were on fire! I was wondering if she was using a Jake the Peg third leg to execute some of those lifts and kicks. It was thrilling.

Sunetra and Brendan danced a wake me up before you go, go Samba. She is sweet but now Judy’s gone Sunetra is outclassed by all the other women. She’ll be home in plenty of time for Christmas.

And Simon finally had THE moment. He was fab-U-lous in the Argentinan Tango with lock up your husbands Kristina at her sizzling best. Question for the wonderfulwonderful Dave Arch and his band – is it the law that the Argentinian Tango must be danced to ‘Roxanne’?

It was up, up and away for smiley Judy this week. A Blackpool donkey would have moved across the dance floor with more rhythm, but I loved her happy to be alive approach to Strictly. I so hope that she and Anton run away together, and have lots of shortbread babies that turn out to be tennis playing ballroom dancing champions.

I suspect Karen Hauer would swivel step on the head of anyone who got in her way of reaching the final this year. Mark is livening up and did a fun Charleston.

Pixie and Trent made even a Paso Doble look cute.They are so vanilla cupcake. If they got married they’d be Mr and Mrs Trixie, live on Disney Main Street and have children who would constantly sing “It’s a small world after all….”

Steve and Ola clearly loathe each other, which makes them hugely entertaining to watch.

Caroline jived for her life and Pasha kindly lent Shirley Bassey his bearskin to wear for the results show.

Tess is turning into Brucie in a blonde wig with her wild eyed stares at the autocue and mis-timed jokes. I vote for a Claudia/Zoe combo for Strictly 2015.

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  • Agree with everything – I really liked Judy in the end. I don’t like the judges’ dance at the start, it’s too cringey. I LOVED Jake’s dance, and Simon was pretty good too. I can’t warm to Pixie for some reason though – maybe she’s TOO good. Or maybe it’s me.

    Definitely with you on a Zoe/Claudia combo 🙂