Spider Feet

Being too sexy for my slippers I wear pink patent Birkenstocks around the house in the summer months and a pair of Celtic sheepskin boots in winter.

Changeover day was yesterday because it was coooold.

So I reached into the back of my wardrobe and hauled out the boots and put them on. I was thinking about what a lovely long Summer it’s been and …and ……that I had forgotten just how tickly the sheepskin lining of the boots was compared to the open air peace and love vibe of my sandals.

Then a siren went off in my brain and I kicked the left boot off so hard and fast it flew into the air and landed on my bed and out crawled a dazed and confused mega spider. The booger was the size of my hand. Make that my jazz hand.

Screaming the house down I used my Kindle and a hairbrush to lift him up and launch him out of the window. That is how my Kindle became embedded in a geranium pot and my good Denman brush is somewhere on next door’s patio.

The boots are now upside down on the kitchen table under surveillance. I got Mr Anna May to do a fingertip search and take photographs of the insides with his mobile while I looked up on the internet whether spiders lay eggs in sheepskin and if anyone has actually ever died of fright.

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